Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Did Someone Send This Note?

Fergus thanks all of you for the pretty whispers. But somebody left Fergus a whisper under his door. It says, "We have lavender." Who left me this, I wonder? Me likes the lavender, so calm- smelling and pretty it is when dried to death. But how did you know Fergus likes the lavender? And who is We? I would definitely like to set out in search of lavender for me home.


Meg Nallier said...
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Meg Nallier said...

Oh Fergus, I like lavender too. Especially, when I wander the streets at dusk under the heat and purple-pink sky, and pluck lavender buds from the yards along my path. Rolling the buds between my hands and breathing in the glorious fragrance is one the best things in life. You must do it..... or maybe you already have and know exactly what I am writing about.