Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cave of the Plimptons

The three beasties were an called Plimptons. The names were Lebbin, Shmull, and Gezzundizik. They did not say much to Fergus. In fact they said nothing at all. But they had me follow an them.

I think maybe they know where to find lavender, because that is what I kept asking of them. "Where is lavender?" I asked, and they kept walking. "Where is lavender?" I asked again, and still they walked.

We came unto their cave, and I became very frightened by its sight. Deep and dark it was, with twists and plunges and many many darknesses.

I no longer am so sure I want the pretty smelling lavender. It is a nice flower, and makes the hollow rattle subside in Fergus's head. But Who would leave me this note and then make me go so far to find them? And if the Plimptons left me the note, then why do they not give me lavender when they did find me?

I will continue, but me doesn't like this one bit.


Angie said...

oooooooh, what's gonna happen to fergus?!? i'm not sure if the plimptons should be trusted, should they? can't wait to read more.

OaklandLady said...

I think Lavender is a metaphor for something else ... something less purple. . .